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A Financial Planner Who Specializes in Americans Abroad

Are you looking for a financial planner for American Expats?  Someone who knows the ins and outs of living and working overseas, and can help you with all aspects of your financial picture?

You can find lots of information online about financial planning, but Americans living and working abroad really do have unique financial planning considerations that generic or US-only financial planning just doesn’t address. Therefore, it can be important to work with a financial advisor who specializes in helping expats.

Jimmy is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor who, as an expat himself, helps Americans abroad make the best choices for their personal financial situations. 

Not Everyone is Right for Our Firm

We are very selective of the people that we choose to bring on as clients.  This is because we only build long-term planning relationships with people who we like and care about.

If you just want to open an IRA and manage it yourself, then Jimmy is not for you.  There are plenty of online brokerages or banks that would be happy to assist with that. 

If you only want to purchase an insurance policy, then Jimmy is not for you.  There are plenty of insurance salesmen who would be happy to sell you a policy.

But, if you are looking for a trusted advisor who understands both your life as an expat and the finer points of financial planning, then you should talk with us. 

Quick Company Overview

Fiduciary Commitment

Baobab Wealth Abroad is a fee-based advisory firm that provides real value to their clients, putting their interests first and offering complete transparency with fees, services, and philosophies.

Boutique Structure

Our commitment to establishing trust and offering customized solutions means we strive to give our clients the undivided attention they deserve.

Retirement Focus

Both preparing for and entering retirement presents unique challenges and opportunities for every individual. Our goal is to help you take the mystery out of preparing for the future and make the most out of your assets.

Our Simple and Laid-Back Process

If you qualify, Jimmy will complete a financial plan without cost or obligation in order for you to see the value in working with us at Baobab Wealth Abroad. This also gives us a chance to get to know you to make sure that it is a good fit both ways.

1. Schedule A Free Introductory Visit

We’ll get to know each other, explore your questions, concerns, and dreams. To determine if we are the right fit, I’ll explain how I work and draw up a simple financial plan for you so you can see the value of having a plan for your money.

2. Create An In-Depth Plan

We’ll dig deeper into your dreams and goals and find the why behind them, gathering the relevant data and documents. Once the questions are answered and the boxes ticked off, we will present your customized plan and share our solutions to your financial concerns.

3. Implement Your Strategy

We’ll take your tailor-made financial plan and implement all the details, getting you even closer to not only your goals, but financial peace of mind. Then, we’ll meet at least once a year to continuously monitor the results and adjust our overall strategy if necessary

Our Transparent Fees

After reviewing your plan, if you are interested in moving forward, Jimmy will be able to discuss a fee on the assets managed (usually between 0.75% – 1.00% depending on complexity). We don’t want you to wonder what you’re paying for the services you receive. Baobab Wealth Abroad charges a percentage of assets under management and all our planning fees and services are included. Your fee covers annual reviews, portfolio management, financial planning through Money Guide Pro and Riskalyze, ongoing monitoring, tax forms, plan updates, and everything else.

Here’s How it Works

Let's Get Started!

If you are looking for a fiduciary financial planner who will put your interests first, understands the unique life of an expat, and wants to have a long-term planning relationship to help you achieve your goals and dreams — then fill out this form and we will reach out to your to set up an introductory call.

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