Non-US Citizens Living in America

“Our goal is to help non-US citizens and cross border families living and working in America, to implement effective investment strategies and take full advantage of the opportunities to create wealth offered to them in the United States.”

As a non-US citizen living and working in the United States, you face many new challenges when it comes to learning and understanding a completely new financial and tax system.  Pension plans, taxation of income (both here and abroad), and investments, along with retirement accounts and estate planning considerations can seem overwhelming.  This often leads to inaction and mistakes. 

It doesn’t have to though.  At Baobab Wealth Abroad, we are expats too.  We specialize in helping both Americans living abroad as well as non-US citizens living and working in the United States with these issues.  We can help you avoid the common mistakes we see non-US Citizens living in the US make (see below), and do much more.

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The Most Common Mistakes Made by Foreigners Living in the US…

  • Not understanding the difference between Roth and Traditional 401(k) accounts and utilizing the wrong one.
  • Not understanding the benefits of investing and keeping investments in the United States, even after they have left.
  • Cashing out retirement and investment accounts when leaving the US and returning home (or moving to their next expat country).
  • Not understanding FACTA and failing to report investment income from assets not held in the US.
  • Allowing the differences/complexity of a new financial system to stop them from learning and taking advantage of opportunities to build wealth.
  • Paying high fees to transfer money to another country.
  • Not getting rid of U.S. tax toxic investments before coming to the States.
  • Not understanding the complexities and problems with investing in real estate within the US.
Financial Planning for Foreign Nationals in the US

GUIDE: Financial Planning for Foreign Nationals in the US

This guide covers:

• The most common financial mistakes that expats in the US make.
• The tax system in the US and how it can/will affect you, globally.
• Investing in the US and how to take advantage of the opportunities you have.
• Utilizing your employer’s retirement plans most effectively.
• Considerations of obtaining a Green Card or staying permanently in the US.
• Taking your money with you if/when you leave the US.

What is Cross Border Financial Planning?

Cross border and global financial planning widely refers to any investment planning circumstance that involves households of mixed nationality and/or whose financial affairs extend across borders

Cross border families consist of Americans living abroad, U.S. residents of foreign origin, and non-U.S. residents
who are investing inside the United States. Such families usually have a mix of citizenships and/or immigration statuses.

Cross-border families typically hold a range of financial assets and business interests that are subject to taxation in more than one national jurisdiction.

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